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Rayman Fail

Emulating Disk systems is hard... no rayman stuff has been working, no emulators have been working... it's so frustrating...

We finished the Lorax movie. So, my basic opinion is that though it follows the book pretty accurately, it gives an unrealistic income and outcome. Like basically, they defied the law and broke enough rules to get them stuck in prison for life, but they show how good trees are, and everyone thinks it's a nice thing so they let the whole thing slide. Well it is a kid's movie, but the stuff back then didn't exactly take things to the rebellious level. I'm not saying grouping together to plant trees is a bad thing, not at all. But to defy the law just to get your point across, and to damage public property just to get your point across, is pretty unrealistic. I don't think it's a bad influence, it's just... I dunno. And the singing threw me off. Awkward...!

John's playing twilight princess, and he is lovin' the spinner! Link on a skate board, as fans envisioned it. Not much to say. Fact; I never knew that those whistling things on the spinner tracks that knock you off were actually blade traps! I felt awkward.

I'm gonna go brush.

Sayonara for now!

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