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God Bless!



So... I finally decided to get a diamond pickaxe. Then, I returned to a mine, and found a nice batch of cooled lava. Ner-hehehe...! I mined up that Obsidian, with thankful input on the quantity from Steve, and built my self a portal to the nether!! I was real scared, but I wanted the netherrack for my fireplace, since it never stops burning, so I got myself an Iron sword, and an Iron sword, and jumped in. Then, something incredibly rare occurred; I materialized inside a cave!! No monsters in sight, and since the nether has an eternal lighting system, I made myself at home! I dug up that netherrack, and went back outside. I made myself a fireplace, and put a warning sign in front of the portal. However, I might wanna consider building another portal so I can find something more profitable besides Netherrack, like Netherwart (snicker). And I need blaze powder from those blazes for my ender pearls to become eyes of ender. But I'll need a LOT of those if I even wanna think about going down to the End.

I'm gonna go make some toast and let Steve on!

Sayonara for now!!


  1. You know so much more about minecraft than me it's depressing. :D

    1. You both know so little about minecraft thats its drepressing :P


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