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Minecraft stuff

We're in the VL now. After leaving the Betts, we decided it would be too late to head back to Sangkla now, so we decided to bunk in Kanchanaburi.

I just downloaded two texture packs for minecraft; medieval, and Zelda!! Gonna see how they work, it's gonna be fun!

Also! I had the idea for a fanfic about Minecraft; a series of Journal entries based off of my character's life in Minecraft. If my version was complete, I would put these in the 'ink and pen', but ours is outdated, and we don't have it. I'll post the prologue and the first two days right here! Hope I get the feel through!


    Good day. If you are reading this, then you have probably have found my new home, and I request you put the book down and leave. Otherwise, I haven't got back from my mining expedition and never will, or you're a beloved family member who was sent this book. This is a record of my time in the uncharted Biomes; worlds with no boundaries, yet endless resources.

    I wanted to get away. My family lived in a city much like yours, but I felt trapped in the concrete jungle. I was growing uneasy, as although I had completed my education, I lived with my family and had no real adventure in life of my own. I was very grateful for my family and their keeping me, but I wanted to have my own challenge. So one day I considered going to the Biomes.

    There was a gold-rush of sorts going on in the Biomelands. They called it the Minecraft. People would leave the world the knew behind and went to the uncharted lands and would mine the earth until it yielded the valuable metals they needed. They would spend weeks, maybe months on end over there, harvesting metals, precious materials, and ever strange materials found there.

     One legendary Miner returned with enough gold and silver to make a Governor envious. He told of monsters, a shadow world called the Nether, and he even told of a Dragon that he fended off himself. He returned back to the Biomes once he had made and established his fortune. When word got back that the Biomes had become remarkably safer and easier to access, I made my mind to go to the Biomes.

    Of course, my Family protested, but I was determined. The time of my life was not unlike the Life of Robinson Crusoe, who faced a similar dilemma when he wanted to go out and be a sailor. So I made a similar Decision; if I were to find it miserable, I would return. But if I would like it, I would send word back and stay. Not forever of course.

    And of course, my Family Persisted. They warned me of the Cryptic Herobrine, and the deadly Creeper, and even the haunting Enderman. I didn't give in of course, either. Eventually, I was able to acquire enough supplies to get out on my own, and My family finally let me go. I would one day return, of course. But not until I had brought back gold for my Family.

Day 1

    I was dropped off at the edge of the society near a Biome ground. After paying for the lift, I made my way into the Biome. It was surprisingly warm from what I had expected from the reports, I had earlier dressed in a rather old fashioned garb; a red tunic. The heat, however, wasn't unbearable, and I decided to live with it. However, the rather unforgiving heat increased as what I assumed to be a beach was in fact a dessert. I took a piece of a then fascinating cactus and kept it with me, despite the quills.   
    I made my way into a plain Biome, and found an abundance of sheep. Having learned that it takes three sheep's worth of wool to make a bed, I set out to begrudgingly silence the little animal. I used a piece of wood that I had broken away earlier to strike it on the head. I eased my conscience as I (surprisingly easily) took the wool by telling myself how there were plenty of sheep in the Biomes, and they wouldn't miss this one, or the following two. If this were a game, it would be a lot different, but even in the real world, killing is never an easy decision. Nonetheless, I got the cushioning for my bed.
    Now I am still trying to pry one measly piece of wood from the trees that stand here, mocking me and my lack of tools. I had best hurry though, for Night is falling.

Day 2

    My first Night was detestable! With no steady shelter, I dug myself into a small cave and put my bed in there. The sounds of the Monsters appearing at night kept me up a little, but I soon dismissed them, as the guide-book said that monsters weren't smart enough to dig. I covered up my entrance so that not one monster would find me. I nearly busted my head on the earth above me upon waking up. I immediately put away my bed and dug myself out. I repeat; detestable. I decided it would be much safer if I were to find a cave. With my crafting table, I was able to piece together more tools, and I soon found a small double cave. I decided this is where I would live. I got myself a flimsy wooden Pickaxe and set to work on digging it out.
    I lay now in my near finished house, with warm torches lighting it. I had constructed a furnace earlier with all my cobblestone and burnt enough charcoal to make torches. I end this entry as I lay to sleep. Tomorrow I shall get more supplies and make this cave as homely as possible. Then I dig.

So...? How is it? I might have to skip a few days in the entries to make it more realistic and to make up for the stuff I won't be able to put down, but I think I got a pretty good gig going.

It's time to hit it. Sayonara for now!

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  1. I actually really like it! It has a nice ring to it, as if it were a legend instead of an 8 bit video game. :)
    Put it up on Fanfiction!! I'll read it!


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