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I betcha wish ya'...

So... I have been especially busy in Minecraft. I have been building my new tree house, and though it now has four walls and a roof, it still isn't complete, and I am proceeding to make it as homely as possible. And the first step to do that was to have some more company. Though I didn't intend to at first, I found myself chasing a wild ocelot again, and luckily I brought my Fishing Rod. So I fished some and followed it, and within ten minutes I had a nice Siamese cat following me home. With two cats in the house, now I have a little Siamese Kitten! Kawaiiiiii!!

Ahem. In other news, on the Ultraman Wiki, there is this one guy, who we just call Yao, who is an administrator, who has been such a pain and complainer that we are on the verge of banning him. Maybe I'm jus over-reacting, but I'd hate to leave a trouble-maker on the crew, and I'd hate to lose a man. What should I do...?

I gotta go. We're watching the two towers.

Sayonara for now!

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  1. Hehe, never thought I'd see you fanboy over a kitten. :3
    Niels had a heart attack that your house was in two different shades of wood... But I'm lovin' the cats. :D


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