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...had gray hair?!

So, about the title, if you read the title of the last post in conjunction with this, it works better. But the follow up wasn't intentional. Anyway.

In minecraft, I expanded my house and gave it a porch! Happy me! Now I'm in the process of making a crow's nest so I can see far and wide... at least as far as the render distance lets me, anyway. It will be great to see all the enemies from below like this! And I've broken the cloud limit. Yeah.

Anyway, earlier today, I was playing Pokemon Black, and Steve was watching my play (an art we developed with the village kids; when a guy's playing a gameboy, huddle up and watch), and he began poking at my hair. I was a bit annoyed, but he said he saw a piece of white hair! I told him it was the light, but he insisted. So after I got him to pull on the strand, and pinched it and tore it out (with another strand or two, ouch), and walked in front of a light. I certainly couldn't tell, but Steve took the bunch to mom. He came back and told me that the hair was in fact, gray. I was confused. But mom told me that my grandma's hair started graying after she finished High-school. And I was like 'I'm physically finished High-School!' I'm taller than my mom, and John, but I'm only fourteen. And I'm waay taller than 16-year-olds I met. Anyway. So It looks my hair is getting a gray strand here and there. John said 'You worry too much', but he didn't mean I was making it up. (Grrr!) Gray hair. Wow. Hopefully it won't happen soon.

Back to minecraft!
Sayonara for now!

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  1. Oh my goodness! Grey hair already? That's insanity... my mum and my great grandmother got grey hair really early... I hope I don't have the same fate!
    I'm just gonna say now that Christie and I do the same thing... when one of us is playing Zelda on a DS, the other one huddles and watches. :D


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