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Glow Stone, and failing

In minecraft, I died twice, each time with an important diamond pickaxe in hand. The first time, I went back down to the caves to get myself some more obsidian for another portal, but... I fell into the lava I was trying to cool. I tell you, you don't panic until you know you're sinking in the lava. I tried to get out so when I'd die, my Items would land on safe ground, but no. So, I built another one and went back down, and this time, I got myself enough obsidian by dumping lava into water and all that, but a skeleton killed me on the way up. So I went back and got my stuff back. Then I built myself another portal, but I ended up in the same stinking place!! So I angrily started diggin through a wall, and found myself in the open. And I was High up. How do I know? There were two glowstone stalactites hanging from the ceiling. I broke that down, and got myself enough powder to make twenty glowstone blocks. These are much brighter than torches, and be used like street lights, and can melt snow. So I went back, said Hi to the zombie pigmen, blocked off the hole, and went home.

In other news, It is raining here. Every morning till nine, and all afternoon. Black outs are frequent, and I haven't been able to post because of that. I've been slackin' from my stories, and yesterday we were trying to get down the next Lozoot chapter, but we weren't able to come up with enough to get started. We got the plot, we just weren't able to start. And I have been slackin' from my Minecraft Journal. Man...

I just watched the walkthrough fro Pikmin 2 for the wii, and found this interesting video.
Pikmin lovers oughtta love this video.

Gotta do my Chemistry now that John's done.
Sayonara for now!

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  1. Never before have I appreciated how adorable Pikmin are.
    GLOWSTONE?! I'm waaaay too scared to venture far in the nether, it gives me the creeps! So I've never had the chance to TOUCH glowstone, so what you've done is pretty epic!
    Rain is delicious. I absolutely love the rain. :) But when it's constant, I guess it could become annoying.


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