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We're at the Bett's home over in a village. It's nice to see Andrew again and all that. He has a PS3, and though he has a limited Library, he has a really fun one; Just Cause 2. You get to play as a Mercenary, going around a fictional country, basically messing everything up. It's M rated, but there's nothing that bad in it unless it comes to weapons, which the game discourages by adding minor stealth elements (don't let the cops see you, basically is it). We were able to play the Wii with them, and two of his friends played WiiSports. I didn't play, but I knew it was fun.

We went and watched Andrew play in a Soccer game, and his team won after a Sudden death Match.

We're playing Minecraft, and Loving it! I set up a lil' home, and have a nice gig going with my supplies, and if you're brave enough to go out at night, you could get some Gunpowder for TNT. Kaboom, baby!

That's it for now.

Sayonara for now!


  1. Sounds fun as! But to be honest, I've hated suspense games since I was a little kid. I think I would suck at Metal Gear Solid. :)
    Good to hear you're having fun with Minecraft. I'm still too scared to go out at night. :D

    1. I dunno if you call it a suspense game, actually, after playing it more, the police only get after you if you fire a gun or cause an act of Violence. It's not exactly a stealth game when it comes down to it.

      A tip for Minecraft; take it slow and try to mine for Iron. If you garner enough for at least a piece of armor, maybe even an upgraded Sword, then you could go out and nab some mobs. Creepers are easy with a hit and back away strategy,the only real problem is skeletons, but they're easily avoided... I've only been playing for like a week and I'm talking like this. Minecraft wiki is a good place for help and interesting ideas.


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