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I haven't posted for a long time because I have been ZONKED OUT. For the last week and a half, we've been shopping, (got another jar of Ovaltine :D) visiting friends, we helped the Robinsons move, and now they're in a nice house in a Muban not too far from another one of Mom's friends (Mom knows a lot of people in Chiang Mai). And worse, but Somewhat best of all, I got my Dental Work done, and now I have an application on my Lower jaw that's supposed to help move my lower jaw back! But it hurt like crazy for the first two days! I could barely eat, and the pain itself made me lose my appetite (what was wrong with me?!). We also went and saw a speech therapist at GIS. If you saw my recent Vlog, then you know that I don't sound all that great. When I was younger, I saw a speech therapist and got my sounds working, but now my enunciations are beginning to deteriorate again! So we saw the therapist, and she was nice. I was a bit nervous since she worked in the elementary section, but that went out well. Apparently, the majority of the problem is all the stuff in my mouth. And the fact that my soft Palate is being pulled. Your Soft palate is a flap at the top of your throat at the way back. It closes when you make sounds like M, N, and NG. These are Nasal sounds, and the sounds reverberate in your nose when you say them. But since my palate is being pulled by the face brace, the palate isn't able to reach where its supposed to, so my sounds aren't proper. But hopefully by the end of the year I'll stop wearing it, and by then most of my gear will be removed, and we can move on to exercises. Man.

If I didn't mention it before, Sarah got Sonic and Knuckles for the V-console, and we've been getting into sonic now that we actually have a console, and apparently, Sonic is an AWESOME game series. The worst of it was the 2006 six game, but the rest are pretty much cool. And something I really like about Sonic is that they actually put Insert Songs in the game, and during Gameplay! Most games only include actual songs in albums, but Sonic actually puts them in for real! For example, in the MOKA album for Ocarina of Time, a version of Epona's song with lyrics was included (very sweet song), but it wasn't in the game. In Sonic, Live&Learn is a recurring song that plays in the games when Sonic goes Super (Smash Bros Brawlers should be familiar with the song), and certain characters have actual themes! For example, Sonic's is 'His world,' Shadow, though he has many, more memorable songs are 'Throw it all Away', and 'I am...(all of me)'. Yep, I'm a music fanatic! I'm not saying Sonic is better than all I've seen in games, but the fast paced gameplay and the nice character backgrounds got me hooked. Sonic and Knuckles will keep me busy for now, but we're considering getting Sonic and the Black Knight or Sonic Unleashed for the Wii! I love re-discovering stuff like this! I'm even working on a little something special.

And one of My friends added me on Google+, isn't that great?!

That's it for now! Sayonara for now!

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    Sonic Unleashed has an awesome storyline to it, we have it at home. :) If you like Sonic, I would definetly get it. :)
    Hehe, it's always nice when friends add you!!


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