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Wierd E-Mail!!

Kay, so we left a day earlier than I heard, and now we're back in the VL guesthouse, watching Thai Boomerang, but Judging by the commercials, the actual channel might just be the British or Australian broadcast with the shows dubbed. Dunno.

Anyway!! Today, I got an E-Mail from Daril-Somebody from Sweden who claimed she knew me!!! She even wrapped up the letter with a hugs and kisses thing! And she was WAY older too. Yuck. Mom says it was probably spam or something, or someone just got the emails goofed up. The last one is less likely.  Sheesh, this stuff is VERY weird. No game progress sadly. But we did bring the Wii. It was only safer that way.

I'm going to try and get some typing done. I really need to catch up on my stories.

Sayonara for now. Back to my Pizza.

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  1. Ugh, spam. Not appreciated. Have you written your email online somewhere before? She may have got it from there.
    Have fun writing, I must get back to my story too!!


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