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V-log 1

Sadly, this takes place six whole days ago, and the camera is VERY fuzzy unless there's a lot of light, so sorry about that. I added in music from RTRZ and ZX/ZXA tunes, which are kinda techno-y, so I hope you like the such. There's a bit of a surprise after the poor credits, so bear with me! Disclaimer: I don't sound like I do in the video, the camera makes me sound muffled and nerdy, I do have enunciation issues, but I tried really hard in this one!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention... WE GOT INTERNET!! BAM!! CAT finally kept their service!! Now It's all good! I already got the Wii hooked up to the internet, and tried out Brawl, and it is fun, if you actually have someone playing with you! We already filled out our profile, which is called 'Bros'. We're trying to get our Fave Cous', Derek in our Freind Roster so we can smash it out! In brawl you can set quotes to appear when you do a certain taunt, and since there are four of us (including little Sarah) we set one directional taunt for each of us. Mine is 'Game over, Pal!!' :D Has a certain epic-ness when you think about it. I fought with one guy, and lost. Man. When I read the smash wiki, I am baffled by all the terms and complications, and feel like a noob. But I held my own a bit, so I guess that was fine. Mom's going to see if she can get a hold of our Aunt so we can set a time for the battle with Derek. Awesome! Please let me know what you think of the V-Log! If you want more, let me know, 'cause now's the best time, 'cause I ran out of rubber bands for my Brace again, and I won't be wearing it a bit, and my face is in better condition because of that. Till then!

Sayonara for now!!

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  1. YES! Thank you, Steve, for making James show his face!
    You remind me of an old friend called Victor, John reminds me of my friends Niels and Henry mixed, and Steve doesn't remind me of anyone. Sarah looks like the generic blonde girl. :D
    Can I give you some tips for vlogging? Show your face more, don't make the video too long and don't worry about credits. :)
    Otherwise, great first try!!


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