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So...? Whatcha think? Since we're moneyless, and love the game so much, we downloaded a free version of Minecraft. But the version's incomplete, our computers lag, and as far as we can see, we can't go multiplayer, so yeah. I gotta version on this laptop, while there's another on Dad's. Mine is hecka slow, but I bet if I moved the save-file to a faster computer, it would look pretty cool! I've already dug out a lil' cave and have a good starting supply of tools, blocks, and food. But no bed. No sheep as far as I can see to get any wool from. Man... Oh well. Live and learn, advance and conquer!!

That's it, sadly. I could try the multiplayer server, but that'll have to wait. It's waay too late.
Sayonara for now!!

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  1. If you do manage to get the full version, join Meepcraft.com! My friends and I have a little village of our own and I could convince the leader of the town to let you in! :)


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