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Star Trek

Found the WiiMote. Sarah found it in an old Toy basket that was overlooked. Now how did it get in there? Anyways, I have it back!

We saw the new Star Trek Movie today, and besides the mature language and themes (only early on in the movie), it was great. The graphics were great, and the story was great, and I don't have enough time to rant.

In game progress, we downloaded Sonic Three for the Vconsole, and Sonic and Knuckles, and S&K had a lock-on feature, where one could  plug in a previous sonic game directly into the cartridge via built in slot, but the Vconsole, you only have to have both games on your wii to play the 'locked on' version, so i've been playing Sonic 3 and knuckles, so they call it, and won it! Now I'm playing through the S&K stages again! Great nostalgia after playing those other places for three or so days!

That's it for now. I gotta hit the sack.

Sayonara for now!

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  1. Yay! You found the wiimote! Can't say the same for my phone though...


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