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Some new stuff

So, things have changed a little since I last posted. I have grown especially fond of the Fire Emblem Game series, and am Playing Shadow Dragon on the No$gba emulator. The Game is Awesome, but It's not as action packed as Zelda or Metroid, but it is still great. You get to lead a legion against an opposing army, and you can recruit certain people on nearly every field, a lot of them are on the other side but have a change of heart. However, when somebody dies in this Game, they die, no goin' back except turning the game off and restarting, which I have done nearly every time I play, 'cause I can't stand losing one man... or woman (don't ask). The only problem is the occasional frame-rate dropping, and the fact that on certain screens you can't see the words. That's the price of Emulating, I guess. I might wanna buy the game for real.

Steve also has taken a liking to Animal crossing, and is playing one of the games on the No$gba emulator too. He really likes it, and is planning on buying Animal Crossing City Folk with his Birthday Money. Since we aren't close to any fancy store, we are given 1,500 baht, ($45) that we are free to spend. Steve is getting Kirby: Superstar Ultra for the DS, and is considering City Folk. I don't see anything wrong with the series, but since it is mostly open-ended, I would probably lose motivation pretty quick. Metroid is a bit different 'cause it's an adventure, but Steve really likes Animal Crossing, so there's no arguing with that (for my sake). He went as far to watch the... (STEVEN CENSOR SERVICE PLEASE STANDBY)... never mind. *_*

Dad has been getting some movies off the internet and we've been having Father/son (and daughter...) movie nights. Mostly. Last last night we watched Get Smart, 2008 movie version. It was fine for the start, but as the movie progressed, its Adult Comedy elements Surfaced. Steve barely hung on. My quick review: "More for the Older fans." But it has been able to get me laughing like crazy twice, for example; 'Welcome to the KAOS threatening program. To threaten North America, press 1. To threaten South America, press 2. To threaten Hawaii, press 3...' (The bad guy looks on, very annoyed.) And last night, we watched Thor, a very great film. In my opinion, it centers on the theme of Maturity. My quick review; More or less an average film in my case, average on the awesome level. It could've been better, but it was great nonetheless. And tonight we watched Captain America; the first avenger. It was really cool, and what I liked the most is that Captain kept his head on his shoulders through the whole ordeal. He doesn't wanna kill, and he sticks to that. My quick review; A bit too violent. The Captain America advertising Campaign was mortifying, and it was a bit sad, especially at the end where he wakes up in the 21frst century. Tomorrow hopefully, we'll be watching the Avengers, he he. Help me. (Just kidding, I'm fine)

Steve's going to kill me if I don't let him... get on soon, his exact words. He probably wants to get back to his... (No! wait! I didn't say it! No! Nooooo!)

...beep. ....beep.

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  1. The avengers is great! Very actiony, but quite funny at the same time. :)


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