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Horrible Internet

CAT (Cable authority of Thailand) told us that our Internet 'Might be ready in a week.' It's been two. One guy Dad met says he waited six months before he got his connection set up. We've been sustaining ourselves with other wireless connections that are in range, but they lose connection a lot. So yeah. It is very frustrating to have the internet adapter ready, but the actual connection hasn't been set up!

The Puppies are as cute as ever, and I've been able to identify them. There are two chocolate-ish brown ones, one has a black muzzle, the other doesn't. The one with the black muzzle is a bit quick to run, while the plain brown one is very perky. Then there's a white and brown-patched one who is even quicker to run, and then there's a pale yellow one who apparently hurt her leg and now she's walking slow and moping. Amy seems to be attending to them here and there, so now it's like she's their nanny.

In video Game news, I beat Meta-Ridley, and he was a lot harder than he was in normal mode. I died thrice. But I got to hear his awesome music and fight the most epic battle of the game, so I was happy. Now I'm gonna go find the other power-ups for the perfect ending! Then I'm off to fight the Metroid Prime. I tried to unlock some of the songs in Smash Bros Brawl, so I beat all-star mode on easy and got 'Tal Tal Heights', then I beat one of the event matches on hard and got 'Great Temple'. Ironically, they both were Zelda and they both are more techno than the other Zelda remixes in the game. A medieval styled Game with Techno? Sounds weird unless something like the Twilight Realm is going on. So I've been trying to beat the 100 man brawl to get another piece of music, and I'm always nearly able to beat it, but it's not called 100 man brawl for nothing, if it isn't tough on damage, it's insane to try and hit everything.

That's it for now, we're trying to watch the new Young Justice episode, which isn't turning out so well since the computer keeps getting turned off. Oi.
Sayonara for now.

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  1. Ugh, huzzah for horrible internet companies. Paige (my friend PK) had to wait that long for her internet... that's why she didn't comment on my blog for ages. Her home internet was down and the school one wouldn't let her post.
    Anyway, PUPPIES!!! :D THEY SOUND SO GORGEOUS!!! I want a dog... D':


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