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God Bless!


Wan Chakkri

You might expect me to call today Good Friday, but over here in Thailand, today the memorial to one of the old dynasties is held. And let me tell you, it isn't quiet. Singing/chanting on a stage in town, and we could hear it all the way over here! It lasted until late afternoon, and I was getting tired of it. Research update; this day also commemorates the founding of Bangkok. No wonder they were so excited.

But on the other hand, today is Good Friday, the day when Jesus' death is celebrated. However, I'm a little confused, 'cause the bible says that Jesus rose on Sunday, which was three days after he was crucified. So... Sunday... Saturday... Friday... Thursday...? I dunno. But I do have a bit of research to explain this. Back when Christianity was still getting back on its feet, the communities had to change the day of celebration to Friday because it clashed with the native religion's customs. That's what Dad told me. I don't mean this to call anyone wrong, I just want so say what I know about this.

In game progress, In Metroid Prime, I finally got the Ice Beam, and now can kill/freeze the annoying enemies in one blast! Plus, if a frozen enemy is immediately hit with a missile, they shatter. Pretty cool, right? It makes space pirates a lot easier. And... after much toil and eye-strain...
I got the Gravity suit!! Admitting, the color scheme is still odd; purple over green, but it's a lot easier on the eyes and I prefer it over the Varia. The gravity suit negates the effects of water, which makes the power suit EXTREMELY sluggish. It may make me unharmed to Lava, but I don't remember. Now I am on my way to the crashed frigate.

Today is Friday, so we get to stay up till midnight. And I would like to do what I can in that time.
Sayonara for now.

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