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Siggy help

Rain and wind has kept the internet out for a bit, but FINALLY I'm able to post. Come to think of it, with all the rain, how are the pups doing? My Mp3's + button lost its 'click', and now it's too sensitive. I'm hoping to conduct a dissection tomorrow so I can fix it, but of course that gives the risk of losing the whole thing. So I saved all the files just in case. I might have to buy a new one when we get back to Chiang Mai. Bummer.

So, in Metroid Prime, I got the wave beam, infiltrated a space pirate fortress, and got the super missiles. But I haven't found a suit upgrade yet! Growl....

In other news, I offered Steve help in getting him a siggy in his forum! Yes, Steve joined the Kirby club Forums, but he has no siggy, so I offered to draw one for him. Drawing kirby's not that hard, but I'm not too good with landscaping, so It might be difficult. I'll post it if we get the scanner working.

I gotta hit the hay now, it's way too late.
Sayonara for now!

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  1. Woohoo!! Chiang Mai!! I've been there!! :D
    Too bad about the mp3, I always have problems with my music players, and I lost my epic old one that takes a battery instead of charging. Can't wait to see this siggy of yours!! :D


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