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On the third day of Sangkran...

So I haven't been able to post for the past few days because things here in Chiang Mai have been very Busy! The first day we got here, I didn't post because I was slackin' after being in the car for EIGHT HOURS! And, I haven't been getting much confidence to work on our computer since Mom's old one isn't available. Wanna know the story?

Mom's old computer has had blank-screen issues as I've said before, so we took it to the Pantip plaza and took it to a technician. So we walked around the store, looking for a new Mp3 (which by the way, I've had no luck on finding a new one!!), and I was tempted by the stylish USB controllers. Anyway, when the guy was done and we came back, apparently he could fix the computer's bottom fan, but the screen was plain broken. And it would cost three-thousand or more baht to fix it. So we just let him fix the fan, and we're going to pick it up Tuesday. There is a possibility that when the fan is fixed, the screen will go back to normal, but from what we can see, it's rather unlikely.

We have to go pick it up on Tuesday 'cause it's closed. You wanna know why? Sangkran; the water festival. To celebrate the Thai new-year, everyone will go out and buy a water gun and fill a bucket with water, and ride around town with all the stuff in the back, soaking everybody in sight. So this year, we got Uncle Kerry's green pick-up and went over to the Robinsons so they could join up. After a bit, we got some water guns, filled up three buckets, and the four girls, me, and Steve got in the back and we drove around soaking people and got soaked ourselves. It was FUN, but it began to get unbearable when people wouldn't stop using cold water. I found that if I held out my hands, some people might stop. Didn't work most of the time. Sarah had to go in the car once, but she shortly came out, and then I gave up and went in, right after John (who wasn't attending and stayed in the car, once again, having nothing to do with water) went out and bought a huge batman-watergun-bazooka! Okay, so it was more of a high press-sprayer, but still. We went home shortly afterwards.

So now, a few days later, we went out looking for new shoes since mine and Steve's were practically worn down to lanky rubber. Steve had a headache for the first few stops, but he got better. And when we were in Tesco Lotus (equivalent of Wal*Mart), I found a Philips GoGear model in the Mp3 section! But it was outta stock and they weren't going to sell the Display product! Curses! So close... T_T  But there's still a few more stops to check out. Oi.
Note: original GameCube version showed, not actual screenshot

Game progress; In Metroid Prime, I'm up to the Omega Pirate Boss, and have died more times than all of my previous deaths in my original run!! It's not like I don't know what to do, but the brute's attacks Freakkin' hurt!! Three hits and I lose a container!! Man!! This guy's killin me off again and again. It's so frustrating!! In other news, I finally got the Wii hooked to the Internet. I got my load of the Nintendo Channel and got a few videos on Kid Icarus and Metroid on it. But that's pretty much it. I'm accepting friend-codes! I need to get these friend vouchers working!! Please? :3
Sayonara for now!!

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  1. Sounds like Sangkran was a lot of fun. :) When I went to Thailand, we left a couple of days before Sangkran because our school term was starting.
    Hope the computer screen gets fixed!! :)


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