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Old Friends!!

So, we're staying an extra night in the VL guesthouse 'cause dad wanted to get the car's 'brain' fixed. And Praise the lord he let us stay an extra night! Today, some of our old friends came to the gueshouse! The Betts! They're old friends from way back, but we haven't seen them much since we left the ministry they were part of. So, we pretty much caught up the our good friend Andrew, and all that stuff. He grew so much, I almost (actually did) mistook him for his older bro, Mark!

We had pizza tonight, and it was good. Right now I downloaded Media Monkey and am adding Album Art to all the songs on my Mp3. That's all. I feel kinda bored today.

Sayonara for now.

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  1. It's great to catch up with old friends, isn't it? Except when you havn't seen them for years and you're don't have similar interests. Then it takes a while to break the ice.

    Glad you enjoyed your pizza. :)


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