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God Bless!



So, I got myself a new MP4 player, A Philips GoGear SA2VBE04. And it is Awesome!!
Now I can see the album art, watch videos and all the other luxuries an MP4 can give. But it seems to have some kind of Chargin issue where it won't say if it's done charging or not. So I just decide to charge it regularly or something. Guess what I'm posting on? Mom's old computer! Dad finally got it fixed!! For 2000.-, that's equal to 60 US$. Yikes. I have my determination back to type on my stories! Happy me! Dad also fixed our old Desktop computer. And it has a TON of space on it. So we can do all our Minecraft/Emulators on it! Yay!

We head back to Sangklaburi tomorrow, so we gotta pack up. Sayonara for now!!

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