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Misbehaving Mp3

So, we figured out that the batch of puppies were moved by their mom to a small upturned boat next to the landlord's warehouse. So at least they're safe.

So, if I haven't been saying so before, I'm still wearing my dental face gear. But since Dad bought another model in America, I can wear one during the day and the other during the night. So, judging by my 14-16 hour schedule, I can keep it off for most of the day. Only after dinner is when I put it on. But, these things work with orthodontic rubber bands (a little larger than this O), which are attached to hooks on my inner brace and then unto the face mask, pull out my jaw and helps remove my under bite (sorry if that sounded a little gross). My small problem is, I only have enough rubber bands left for another day or two. BUT, when we get up to Chiang Mai, we can get a check up with Dr. Marecy and after verifying my progress, I'll get some more. I'll praise the day when I get to stop wearing this thing!!

My Mp3 is driving me nuts. I was able to take it apart and check the button, but it's plain broke. So, hopefully, when we get up to Kanchanaburi on our way to Chiang Mai, I can get a new one. If they still have the model. But, while I'm trying to make the best of things, the sensitive button is messing everything up. So, the two - and + buttons began to act weird before, and sometimes they would act like 'menu' or 'next song' instead of volume. And even when I turn on 'hold', it still misbehaves. It very often will pause the song I'm on and take me all the way back to the main menu, where I have to go back to the folder and scroll all the way back to the song. Sigh. I'm definitely getting a new one.

Video game progress; I beat Thardus in Metroid Prime and got the spider ball. That's it. Today has been boring.

Sayonara for now.

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  1. Haha, one of those days, huh?
    Can't say I blame you for not liking the dental face gear, Mum was thinking about making me get that thing, but since my teeth are borderline okay, I was saved. :)


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