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Hyper mode

Bad internet. Really bad internet. I couldn't post yesterday, and thanks to a black-out, I wouldn't have been able to post earlier. Boy.
So... I'm playing hyper mode for Metroid Prime... and it's hard. Really, really hard. Damage wise. The metroid health system, in case some one doesn't know, works very similar to Zelda, except you are given 99 energy points, and every hit from an enemy decreases it by a certain number, weaker enemies can bring it down by like 1-5, and stronger/boss enemies can bring it down up to 30 points at once. You collect energy tanks, very similar to heart containers from Zelda, which will add another sequence of 99 points, like how a heart container will add another heart. And in Hyper Mode, a War Wasp, which is like the weakest enemy on the face of Tallon IV, takes away 15 points. That hard. Yeah. And I got the Varia suit back, now my damage is lessened. But I still hate the color!

In other news, Steve beat Kirby and the Crystal Shards...! Yay, I guess. So he won it at 100%, so he got the special ending where he fights the final boss. I dunno... I like return to dreamland better than that one. Maybe it's because Kirby gets his cute little hats like in Smash Bros. But in this, he mimics the power, like for rock he literally turns into a rock, and for cutter, he acts like a boomerang. Pretty weird.

While I was playing Zuma on Mom's computer, Steve walked in and told me a and mom a few things. There are two Dogs on the land lord's property; Amii, and Looy (loh-oye), but we call her Fluff. But there's another skinny dog hanging around the place, and judging by her skinniness and... let's just say physical condition, she's feeding a litter. And Steve discovered that her den is in fact on the Land, and there are puppies in it. We are very unsure about what to do, especially since the mommy barks whenever we're around, and may go to further measures if we get too comfortable around the den. All the last litters on the land, we knew the mother, so things were smooth. Now... sigh. I don't think befriending the mom's a good idea, 'cause though the landlady doesn't hate dogs, she doesn't appreciate unwelcome animals. Time will tell I guess.

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  1. Yeesh, dogs? Sounds adorable, but scary at the same time... I'd be actually quite scared if I were you, but I guess I'm not in your position. If I was I may feel a little differently.

    Your game progress sounds awesome, and huzzah for Steve!! :)


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