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Died without saving

Today is saturday, and I feel extremely bored. I can't exactly lie down for a nap, since the sound of the wii is on the whole time, And I can barely find anything to do. If my Mp3 was working, I would be the least bit entertained. We leave tomorrow, so there's my chance to get another Mp3, and a chance to get this computer screen fixed!! Wait... now I can get to work! I better do it fast though.

In game progress, I got to the crashed Frigate, and Thanks to the gravity suit, I was able to get through the water with no trouble at all. Then I got to the phazon mines, messed with the space pirates, and was on my through a puzzle where I was in my morph ball form and had to go through a maze of electric fences, and I was banged around so much I was KO'd. And now I started all the way back at the frigate. And now... playing all the way back to the progress I made is pointless... I've lost determination... But this gives me an opportunity to collect some power-ups I might need. For example, I encountered three special Pirate troopers inside the fortress; power, ice, and wave troopers. All are weak only to their corresponding beam types, wave, ice, power. The paralyzing effect of the wave beam was all I needed to keep the wave troopers down, the ice beam could freeze the ice troopers, and the power beam's charge combo (charge the beam and press the missile button); the super missile, was all I need to kill the power troopers. But they all hurt. A lot. So I thought  I should get the other charge combos (Wave-burner and ice-missle) to make it easier. Also, I encountered one enemy that can only bee seen with the X-Ray visor, so I have to go find that.

I'm tired out, and I'm waiting for Sarah to get off of the wii, So I'll get to work on Neo-Soldier while I wait.
Sayonara for now!

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  1. NYARGH!! Don't you hate it when that happens!! It totally sucks to go back through temples, especially since you loose motivation when you die and loose all that progress.
    I've probably told you this already, but nearly the same thing happened to my big sis, she had just finished the Water Temple in OOT and my uncle turned off the wii while she was in the shower.


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