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Back home

I've been home for the past three days, but the internet isn't really great since the Internet connection for our house wasn't set up yet. So we'll have to wait.

The pups down at the landlord's are getting bolder and bolder, and my walking is being impeded by their running up to me. They're adorable, don't get me wrong, but they're a bit too attracted. They're following and bugging the two older dogs, and surprisingly the mother doesn't seem to bark. That is, she's gone half the time. The Land-Lady's daughter gave the pups a flea-bath, so they're taking care of them to an extent.

In game progress, In Metroid Prime, I beat the DARN OMEGA PIRATE and got the Phazon suit! Now I can grab all the artifacts and have the showdown with Meta-Ridley! Don't laugh at his name, he's really mean!
Not much is going on, actually. Steve's working on a Fanfic, but so far he's received a bit of Criticism, but it's all lo-key. Just a few story pointers were added, that's all.

I'm off to read Chelsea's story.
Sayonara for now!

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  1. I'd very much like to read Steve's fanfic, could he send it to me? I could probably even help with some constructive critisicm, and I always praise things anyway and he needs that kind of enthusiasm. :) It's always nice to have people love you!! :D
    Wish I lived near those dogs :3 they sound so adorable!!


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