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Mission accomplished!!

I wasn't able to post yesterday because of the bad Internet. Sorry. What happened yesterday? I have conquered Super Metroid! For the third time! Once again, Since I finished the game in four hours, I got the midway ending, where Samus takes off her helmet at the end of the game. If I finished it in two hours or less, I would've got the other. I am not actually a fan of the Metroid ending system, I only want to achieve the ending so I have proof that I played through the game with the criteria met. The ending shown is not the one I achieved, just the one I chose for the post. The final battle of Super metroid is always touching. In the game, Samus is searching for a baby Metroid that she befriended that was taken by the Space Pirates. So once I finally get to the final area, I'm attacked by a Giant Metroid, who after sucking away my life down to its limits, turns out to be the Baby! But after recognizing Samus, it runs off in shame. Then I proceed to fight the final Boss; and after I'm hit with a devastating attack; the baby comes in and rescues Samus.

 Then it latches unto her and begins to refill her life, then the final boss recovers, and after Samus is fully healed, the baby launches another attack... and dies. I tell you, when I first played this game, I was so mad that I let the boss have it. Not too many games do that. Zelda might've, but I don't remember.

We came up with a name for the story we'll be writing, and we got a good look on the story down. Basically it's a sci-fi story about three military troopers who are transferred to another squad, but are entangled in a plot on the Planet they're on. So far it's hysterical, and most of the jokes are our own! Sure, the jokes in Lozoot are our own, but they're adapted from what we see in sitcoms and comedy movies. This story has mostly jokes made by us. It will be a long time before we get around to writing, one; I'm trying to take a break, and I think we really need to work this out for a bit before I get a draft down. Dad also said he talked to some people from the Phone Company (TOT Telephone team Of Thailand) and next week, we're going to try and set up an optical cable! An Optical Cable is basically a laser that transfers the cable information, like a laser disk. Optical cables can carry more information, aren't affected by weather, and relative to our last set up connection, the speed will increase sixfold! And that means the Wii will get unto the internet! Wi-Fi battles... finally! But in a week. We'll have to wait.

Game today progress is slow. I'm in Level five in Zelda, but I can't find the Flute, thanks to all the Darknuts. I brought two potions, but it didn't help. I played the Windwaker for a bit, but some School stuff I had to do got in the way so I had to get off and now Sarah (my little sis) is on. I'll have to be patient.

Since today's Friday, we'll be staying up till Midnight since tomorrow's Saturday! That Means I'll probably post again. Hopefully John will be up to Brawl tonight.That's it for now. I'm going to go out and run and hopefully when I come back, the internet will let me post.
Sayonara for now!

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