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God Bless!



So, we're at Tai and Fa's, and we're trying to get the movie What If to work on a flash drive, so far it's a no-go. We're also trying to work with a Pokemon selector so that our games can get the event pokemon we missed. So far it's a no-go.

Anyway, Tai has this awesome game on his computer, and guess what it's called? Minecraft. I played for a bit, and it was awesome!! Chelsea, I see why you like it so much!! But our computer is too slow to handle it, so we'll have to wait for a game of our own.
Oh! Big news!! I downloaded an event pokemon to my version of Pokemon Black! Guess what it was...! ZEKROM!!! But the truth is I haven't been playing this game very much, so it won't listen to me if I try to put it in battle. Bummer.

Anyway, I better head to bed.
Sayonara for now!!

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