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Metroid prime Trilogy: Completed!!

I'd post an image, but I can't find a genuine one. Bummer. Anyway, I have won the Metroid Prime Trilogy!! Prime, Echoes, and Corruption have been felled by my master Wiimote skills. I have now played every Metroid Game, except Prime Pinball. Now, I'm going to lay of the FPS's and play the Wind Waker, which I'm waay behind on. With the sudden jump to 3rd person, I'm starting off kinda rusty. I haven't even beaten Gohma yet, or the first dungeon. Sheesh. And John and Steve are practically neck-in-neck. Boy. After I've had my taste of other games, I'm going to play the Trilogy again!! But this time, with the fusion suit on for Prime, the ship stickers on for Curroption (Since I have Twilight princess, once I turn this on, I'll have a triforce on my ship!!), and on HYPERMODE difficulty! The normal difficulty setting is the equivalent of hard mode of the original games released, imagine what Hypermode has in store for me...

Right now I'm looking for some songs for my Mp3, then I'm off to make some Olvaltine. I love weekend nights!

Sayonara for now!

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  1. Awesome!! I approve of you playing the Wind Waker, since I couldn't understand a thing about metroid. I've never played it. :) But the triforce ship sounds cool. :)


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