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Kinda back on track

So, the internet has been choppy, and the method we tried on getting the laptop screen working didn't work, so we're just having it plugged into another monitor.Oi.

Why don't we talk about game progress? I'm almost done Metroid Prime 3! I just got to restore all the power to the space station Valhalla. I already collected all the energy Cells from the other planets, and I'm on my way to the space station. Oh, get this! I was in a generator room where one of the Cells was, and I had to fight the Metroid-Hatcher mini-boss, and I was about to kill it... when the power went off. Bummer.

Speaking of bummer.... allow me to vent my anger.... Augh!!!! My hair was cut! AGAIN!! I have the mix of a crew-cut and a Thai-school hair-style now! It used to be neck-low. And now it's very, very short. I feel a breeze on my head. What has happened to me?! Sob. It'll be a month before the hair's at least a bit longer. Oi. So now I'm playing Bejeweled Blitz on Google+. That's pretty much it.

Sayonara for now!

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  1. Agh, poor you! I've never had a cold head like that, I've always had partially long hair.
    Oh, and I have a funny story about power going off with video games.
    My big sis was playing OOT, and she'd just finished the water temple and left the game there while she went to shower. She got out of the shower, forgot about it, and went to go read some fanfiction in bed. My uncle, who was over at the time, TURNED OFF THE CONSOLE, without asking her. She had to do the entire water temple again.


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