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Keaton Quiz

The last post was meant to be posted Last night, but the Internet was having difficulties so I had to post it today.
So today, we got out a bag and put some of our old toys into it. We're going to give the bag to one of our Karen Friends. The Karen have plenty of little kids, so they'll love this. But John is a self-proclaimed pack-rat, and is having more troubling deciding than Steve!

Wind Waker Progress? Slow. I just got to the Forbidden woods, and Steve's in the wind Temple with little Makar, and so is John, I think. I guess I should play it casual. I could enjoy Skyward Sword as much 'cause I was competing against Steve. I'm takin' things slow now.

And now time for something that I've been suppressing; I was in the Keaton quiz at Zelda Dungeon.net (refer to links at the side of the page). But that was all the way back in February, and I couldn't tell a soul until it was released. I guess the fact that I'm talking about it now gives away the outcome, but if you would rather listen to the thing yourself, go to ZeldaDungeon.net. It should be only a few entries down the list by the time this is posted.

That's all I have to say for now. Be sure to tell me what you think of the quiz! (Darn buzzer...)

Sayonara for now!

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  1. Keaton quiz? That's awesome!! I don't go on ZD much nowadays anyway since it did bad things to my computer at one stage. Did you win? What kind of questions were there? :)


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