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A dirtbike for Dad

Since the Internet has been off because of the lovely windy weather, I haven't been able to post. Sorry. Whenever it gets windy here, it comes at a cost; the internet/power, and trust me, it was better with the internet going out than the power. So, since the internet was out, I was playing games on the emulator, when BAM, the Twin USB joypads went kaput. Well that's to be expected; they were made in Thailand and look like cheap-plastic-copies of a PS2 controller. But they lasted a lot longer than the last pair. Man... No more computer gaming until I get a new pair/controller. I'm considering just getting an Xbox 360 controller, but they cost like 1300 baht! That's ... 39 bucks! An they're only in Bangkok, so there's another bummer, and I don't think I'm ready to waste the thirty bucks I have just yet.

That reminds me. Mom thought that we should get a Dirtbike for Dad. It would make going up to the village for little things, so she thought we could all try and scrape up some money. And she thought of something; we could put a story up for Ebook-sale on Amazon! But we can't do Lozoot or Neo-Soldier 'cause those are copyrighted. Now we're all just thinking of a story to write, and so far, it's ending up like a cross of Hogan's Heroes, James Bond, and Halo. We decided if we were going to write it, we should make it a comedy to make things easier. But I don't know If I'm ready to try it! As I've said, I'm trying to retire once Neo-Soldier is done with, and Progress is slow 'cause I can't get enough privacy on this big screen!! I could try Google Adsense, but I don't think My blog's popular enough yet.  Speaking of which, maybe I should make a banner for it like what Chelsea was thinking of for Such is Life. Chelsea, If you read this, email me about the banner! Maybe I could get something on Gimp. I did make a banner for my blog, like waaay back, but I need to spruce it up a little.

Game Progress? I beat the Forbidden Woods in Wind Waker, and once I'm outta there, I'm back to outset. I beat Level-2 of the original Legend of Zelda, and found the third level (thanks to ZD... cough), got the arrows, and the white sword. And in Super Metroid, I beat Phantoon on the wrecked ship and got the gravity suit, and currently I'm scavenging Maridia for the next boss! I love the Virtual Console! We're planning on getting Majora's mask next! Ocarina of Time is already on the 3DS, so MM will work.

So, I need to focus on wrapping up Neo-Soldier, maybe I should help Chelsea with a banner, and I need to look into a new USB controller.
Sayonara for now!... Aw the internet died AGAIN!!

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