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Black... Plague. Great

The book that me and John are supposed to be reading this week for school is called 'A Parcel of Patterns', and whether its obvious or not, It's about the black plague. All I could make out so far is that there's a little girl eight 'summers' old, moved to a new town, and don't you know it? The town is hit by the plague. Yeah. Not that I don't find it interesting to read about this event, but I find it kinda depressing. People that were probably around since the beginning of the story dying, left and right. And everyone thinks it's because of the smell. That reminds me.
Black Plague doctorChozo from Metroid
Get my drift? In metroid, Chozo are an important race of philosophers who studied ways of peace, and are also the creators of Samus' power suit. Despite their intimidating appearance, they are very kind and understanding. You should read the Metroid Manga from the Metroid Database, it shows these guys a lot. Oh, Steve just suggested something to me about the doctor thingy. No comment.

As for game progress, I beat the fourth dungeon in The Legend of Zelda, and I got three heart Containers at once! One from Gleeok, one from the stepladder place around the west end of the overworld, and one from an old man's place on the other side of a lake. And I got the blue ring. John: "Show off...!" As for in Super Metroid, I beat dragoon, got the space jump, got the plasma beam, left Maridia, went back to norfair, got the wave beam, entered lower Norfair, beat up some Zebesians, found Ridley, got him down to an inch of his life, and died. Sheesh, I remember when I first played the game on an emulator, I just couldn't beat him, because I forgot to get the darn Plasma beam! After I beat Dragoon, a door unlocks around the beginning of maridia, and I forgot to look through it. But this time, which is like my third playthrough overall, I got the plasma beam, and all the energy tanks I need, I just got cocky.

I'm back off to work. Sayonara for now!

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  1. I would very much appreciate the beautiful pictures, if there were, in fact, beautiful pictures. :) They're doing the 'little red X in the corner' thingo. :/
    Other than that, interesting progress!! Keep at it, brave soldier!!


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