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 I didn't post about it earlier, but I will now. I'm back in Thailand, the land of smiles! Finally, acceptable weather, no more seatbelts, and best of all; sandals!! No more shoes with socks! Huh. Anyway, right now I'm staying at Aunt Vhan's place. She's a Vietnamese friend of mom's. But she's not here right now, so we're resting here, while the workmen noisily refurbish the outside (teary face). We'll be here in Chiang Mai for a week, then we're going back to Bangkok. Right now, Dad's on a taxi and going to go get our good ol van back. Then we can cruise the city as we please! One problem... When we were over at Bangkok, we wanted to get our Wii working so we could play with some friends, and when we tried to hook it up to a transformer, the cable got fried. Oops. So once Dad gets the bag back, we can go get some help with that.

 I finally pre-ordered the Samus figma! I could've also chosen the figurine of Zero Suit Samus, but I don't think my dad would approve, and it's just plain expensive ($100!!). So this is taking roughly $50 out of my current $80, and I can always find someone willing to buy that Gameboy.
The best thing I saw since other M
There's also a Link figure like this, but It's not released yet. Go over to Zeldadungeon.net for more details.
I gotta go do the dishes.
Sayonara for now!

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