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God Bless!



So, after staying for ten days in Missouri, I'm on the road and staying at a place in Amarillo. And recently, I saw how I had $80 dollars from all of my Savings, and Birthday/Christmas cards. And after I went to a flee market with my Nana, I got a GBA in mint condition for $10!  That's a guaranteed $100 at least on eBay! And if I save up a little while I'm in Thailand... I'll have enough to get my own computer! I was determined that nothing would get in my way for saving up for that... until she came into my life...
A Samus Figma figure... I was a sucker for poseable figures, and now I'm a sucker for Samus Aran!

What am I going to do?! This thing is only $30 on pre-order... choices choices!!

I gotta pack up, we're going back on the road. Sayonara for now!!

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