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New Years!

So today is 2012! Is it pronounced 'two-thousand and twelve' or 'twenty-twelve?' I'm confused...
Anyways! For a quick recap on what has been going on... On my Birthday, I got one present... The Metroid Prime Trilogy! If I haven't mentioned it before, I really like Metroid! I got Metroid Other M with my own money, and I usually play as Samus in Smash Bros. I like Zelda fine, I am a Zelda Fan, but I find Metroid as... my own series, something that only I want to play (pretty much the only reasons the others don't play is because you play as a girl), likewise, Steve likes Kirby as his own series and plays as him primarily in Smash Bros, while John stays mostly a Zelda fan and plays as Link in Smash bros. I really like Metroid and its style of playing; the only thing that advances gameplay is the need to advance forward, you're not given anyone to talk to or anything to guide you, you just keep on moving. And the Prime Trilogy was no exception! Though in 3D graphics, it still keeps the feel that sadly other M didn't have. I'm pretty far in Prime 1 as of now, and once I'm done there, It's onto Prime 2... the hardest of all the games, even harder than the original one for the Nes (insert cooey whine here). And once I'm done the trilogy (which will by like a few months at least), I'll have played all the prime games, including Hunters! Oh yeah, I better get to work on that... I got so many new games, should I even try to get Okami?

Anyway, what Resolutions do I have for the new year? Perhaps I should keep better consistency with my stories, since almost this whole year I flunked them. Another Resolution, perhaps I should make this blog more Professional, and make it more like a Log than a Journal/Blog (Rhyme!), another reason is because I think I'm making this just a rip of Chelsea's Such Is Life (great blog, go check it out). I feel kinda like rip-off, I think I might've copied a quote by accident too! Oops. Do you think I should make the jump and make this a gamer/writer's log? I might not remove the music or links from the sides, but some other stuff should be able to go. Should I? Maybe I could keep like a weekly post that's done in journal style, but still, I feel more comfortable making this blog feel more unique. Man... choices Choices. I'll sleep on it. It may take a while for me to organize how posts will work anyway. Fua....

Sayonara for now... Will I have to get rid of that too?! Maybe not ;) Did I getcha?

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