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God Bless!


VICTORY!!! ...For Steve...

Steve won Skyward Sword. Bummer. Let my guard down at the mining facility once, and Steve's ahead. And now he's won the game. I must say, the final battle is quite disappointing, if not easy. I won't spoil anything, but now Steve has Hero Mode.

We went over to see out Dad's uncle John for dinner, who's three years older than dad. They're highschool chums. Uncle John's kid Zack and Brent had an Xbox 360 in they're basement and we played a transformers game on it. And to my astonishment, Zack is into Emulation! He plays SNES games on his computer, and he agrees with my policy, 'Don't emulate a game if its still commercially sold.' We ate pizza watched a christmas movie, and went home. Great talk. The two like Nintendo, unlike all the hardcore Play Station guys out there...

Yay Steve. Darn. Sayonara for now!

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