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Slacking slacker

Yep. I'm posting again. I haven't posted for... what has it been? A week? More! Man! I'm slow! I've been struggling to keep up with Steve in SS, but he's stayin ahead! And I'm tryin to finish Neo-Soldier, then finish the next chapter of Lozoot, oh yeah, by the way, I don't think I'm going to continue Neo-Soldier after I get the fourth chapter done. I won't leave the story in a sad cliffhanger like they wrap up those dead-end tv shows, I was already planning on these first four chapters to get the story started, being part of the 'Awakening Will' story arc. Should I continue the story after these first four, I won't necessarily label them as Chapters, but Arcs, e.g, 'In the Wind I-II' or 'Combustion I-II', you get the idea. I might continue the story, but its unlikely for now.

As for Lozoot, I have lots of Plans. We have lots of plans. I won't quit Lozoot, till its done! And then maybe beyond...

I learned how to draw a reasonably convincing helmet. More or less. I needed to practice this in order to draw a Neo-Soldier, but my skills still need work, so I won't show it.

Since we have the Wii, lots of possibilities have opened up, and I thought maybe I/we should consider getting Okami. It's basically an ancient Japan themed game about a wolf traveling the land to stop the dragon Orochi. John was very visibly unsure, and asked what it was rated for. It's rated T for Gore, alcoholic references, suggestive themes, and Fantasy Violence. At first John was like *_*, but then I said that I read some reviews on a site, an official one called common sense, and the review said 'Is Okami okay for my Kid?' And the responses said that the blood and gore isn't anything a 12 year-old can't handle, and when I read the examples for the alcohol stuff, it was like a game-character saying 'Man, I could go for some Sake right now...' wth? That's just hearty talk from Japan! Another reason to get the game is that it's set in Ancient Japan, and that's speakin my language ;) Not literally, though. My Rosetta Stone's in Thailand still. Darn. John eventually said 'We, maybe not, but you, I'm not stopping you.' I just wanna try something new, ya know? And sooner or later, SS is going to get old or won, like what Steve's doing! I'm going to go draw something. To get my head going. Right.

Sayonara for now!

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  1. Well, I hope whatever you decide you enjoy. :) Trying things out is great, I'm hoping to get Kid Icarus Uprising for Christmas, just want to try some new things out. :)


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