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Sad Friday

We helped the Aardsmas with some of their work today. They're a farming family who live like two minutes away from our house. They work eight hours a day on their little farm, and they have a little more refined ideas of Pop-culture. Their dad says that reading is better than a movie because the movie takes the imagination away from the book. Not to say that movies are Taboo to them, their kids have internet, and they're allowed to watch old stuff like the Dick Van Dyke show. The two boys are pretty, cool. Timothy and Caleb, they can crack a good joke every now and then. We helped them haul rubble over to an old place down the road to dump it so they could have a little drive place for their little tractor. We worked from like 1:30 to 4:30 pm, and had some nice hot Chocolate afterwards. Dad says that we're probably  going to go help them till noon tomorrow too, to get that outta the way. We weren't finished with the rubble job, so hopefully tomorrow we'll finish it. Not exactly the idea to start out a Saturday, but they regularly work on Saturdays, so we might as well help.

Now we're back home, had a good stir-fry meal, and for Friday, we get to stay up till twelve, and I had the idea of playing Smash Bros brawl, but John won't play! He claims I'm too easy and that we play it too much. It's been a month! And John's the only reason why the game's worth playing! Sarah's WAY too easy, and Steve... nyeh, just ain't worth it.

Phooie. Guess I'll spend my midnight time doing nothing. What's the matter with you John?!

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