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Pastor over

I had an argument with John. It happens. And it happens HARD. I won't describe the whole thing, but we had a well-over-an-hour-talk. Dad said that most of our problems were from little issues building up into grudges and that we jump at each other too much.We were both pushed to tears with the one, and that rarely happens, to John, anyway. Dad wrapped it up by saying that we should 'get square' with each other, then he suggested that we pray about it to ourselves. He also was intending that we don't get any Wii or Computer for the week, but then he decided that the whole talk was punishment enough. And he was right. I still have a headache from the, uh, tears. But I appreciate it. Sooner or later, I'm gonna be alone, and who's going to tell me these things?

Also, we had Pastor Silas over for dinner. And he is a good guy to be around. Not only do his sermons make you laugh, but he he has a lot of good stories. He went to a Jellybean factory, and they let you pick out any flavor you wanted! And guess what? Pickle was an option. Mom went like 'Ugh... that should be in the Guinness records.' Then I said 'First man to eat 10 pickle jellybeans, and live!' Everyone laughed. Silas went to Tokyo once! He also went to New York when he was on a missions trip, and he was in a crowded sub-way train, and he felt someone unzip his backpack in the clutter. But he couldn't move, so he let it slide. There was only a Bible in there anyway, he said. Then he felt the backpack getting zipped up. That pick-pocket-er didn't want a Bible!

That was fun, and now I'm going to watch Steve, who is really ahead of me in Skyward Sword... Grumble!

Oi. Sayonara for now!

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