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It snowed today! Then it melted in the afternoon... I made a cute little snowman, call me childish, but I don't exactly get snow over in thailand. The snowman's still there, but I'm wondering if it'll be there tomorrow... So it turns out, we'll be celebrating my b-day on Friday, for one reason, my cousin Emily works in the Hospital, and we're born on the same date, and she's working on the 29th, so yeah. And another reason, Mom was called by the Aardsmas and was asked if we'd like to come over for dinner on the 29th and she's like 'Sure :D' but now she's like '*_*6'. So yeah.

I spent a majority of my time on the computer trying to find subbed episodes of Digimon Tamers, but I couldn't find any on youtube and the other sites were too tricked out for o' rusty here to handle! Call me childish for looking at Digimon, which is like a kiddy cartoon in america, but in Japan, the original versions are darker, such as onscreen deaths and all that jazz that they censor, so it's much more interesting and like an actual anime. I really wish the American dubs weren't so messed up! They would be so cool otherwise! Man...
Yeah, I gotta hit the hay. Sayonara for now!

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