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Christmas lowdown

So I wasn't able to really post yesterday, sorry about that. But I now I got the lowdown of what we got for Chirstmas!
Mom got a Kindle! She's ever so happy!

We got
-A Walton's complete collection
-A new carrying case for our Ds's
-A new Black Nunchuk!

Sarah got
-a Pikachu plush that folds up into a pokeball (disturbing but interesting)
-Two Nerf pistols (what has she been looking at?)
-Just Dance kids 2 (yay her)
-Jumpstart Adventure Island wii (looks like a rather cheap port form a computer game, but she likes it)

Steve got
-An MP4 player! (Lucky...)
-Kirby's return to Dreamland (me and John helped)
-A green Jackknife multi-tool

John got
-A Batman and Superman team-up treasury (my idea)
-An Mp3 Player (dad's idea)
-A silver Jackknife multi-tool

And I got
-A new Pair of Earbuds for when my current pair die
-A red Jackknife Multi-tool
...What? Well it turns out that Mom and Dad couldn't decide what to get for me in time, so I got an IOU (now I can pick something(s) that is worth (all together) up to $50 at the store! Woot! And I have Metroid Prime Hunters coming in through the mail, next week! Sweetness! Slow, but still! And my Birthday's only in three days, so I can get some more loot from there! Do I sound greedy? Well since I'm born just four days after Christmas, I get kinda extra stuff! But this time with a cake! Life's good, but what do I actually want?
Gotta get back to the chapter that I have to upload!
Sayonara for now!

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  1. Goodness!! Birthday four days after Christmas?! That must suck... all your presents at one time... eek!!

    Anyway, glad to hear that you liked what you got for Christmas, I forgot you had a little sister, but her Pikachu present sounds interesting!! Do say Merry Christmas to her for me... :)

    I WILL remmember to send you something for your birthday... just you wait and see! You did something for me, now I must return the favour. :)


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