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Christmas eve

We just watched the movie 'its a wonderful life,' and its one of those instances of absolute emotion and happiness that one movie can describe, that I Cry. Yep, I'm a sensitive guy, and I get on the crying level every once in a while, often. The first night I had to wear my Face-Brace to bed, I couldn't sleep properly without the fear of going on my face and breaking it, and I stayed up in bed till 3am, before catching some sleep. I cried when it looked like I could never sleep again the way it was going. That argument and talk with Dad a few weeks ago was another time, and now its a movie. Three tears were shed on those three days; Anger, upset, and happiness. I'll admit something, despite the comedy in Lozoot, I don't feel really happy a lot of the time. Sure, I can have a good laugh, but only like at Church and with family do I feel happy, almost at peace. My dark side can be seen in my Neo-Soldier story, and should I continue, the first part will be next to nothing. Anyway, I guess I should say, that it feels good to crack every once in a while. Three minutes earlier; I'm watching movie; "Now I know I have a heart, 'cause its breaking!" I'm still a little teary. What a way to spend Christmas Eve! I might be able to get the Lozoot chapter done, but I don't think I'll be able to add any Christmas references to it though. Pity. But I will add a Christmas playlist on the Blog!

And Thanks to Chelsea for another one of her few but precious comments. She may not comment as often, but they are something to behold. I especially appreciate the last one, and I want to wish her a merry Christmas back. Heck, to whoever reads this Blog!

Merry Christmas for now!

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