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Ultraman and Wii

We spent a long time out shopping, and when me and mom went into Walmart to grab some school books, I found a wii on display that had SKYWARD SWORD IN IT! The wii had an error message showing up though. Drat.

So now I'm editing the Ultraman wiki I set up, and have been setting up a badge system, but one of the images I found let to a baptist(?) forum that called ultraman a cult icon from hell! Seriously!! That's the same as someone hating DBZ, or Bionicle, or Zelda! When I talked about it to Mom, at first she was like 'It's all about their point of view,' but then when I said the other part, she said 'He's not a cult, that silly...' She said that anything, if you let it get to you, can separate you from god, but that's only if you really let it, but some people can get too sensitive about it.

Back to work, awaiting replies, and pressing the publish button.
Sayonara for now!


  1. I think that's good what your mum said... it makes a lot of sense.
    Hehe, when does Skyward Sword come out for you guys... well I guess it already would have. Ours comes out in ONE HOUR!!! BECAUSE THEN IT WILL BE THE 24TH!!!! :D I'm so excited!!

    Hope life's good. :)

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