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Skyward Sword, first look

For the past day(s), I have been playing Skyward Sword, supposedly the final game for Wii. The game is amazing! No more rolling, but now you dash! The stamina meter adds an interesting twist, your shield has a meter before it breaks, and the sword is pretty, if not fully accurate. Slight spoiler: though you can move your sword around like whatever, you can still only do those certain types of slashes, and then you have to do it right! An interesting fact, no more pressing A to execute a jump attack, but you have to wave the Nunchuk and Wiimote at the same time downwards.

The whole game is great, the art style is admitting easy on the eyes, but the story is way too long, and only after four half-hour sessions was I able to get to the first dungeon! That's almost like two hours! Though its not as long as TP. I also like how hard enemies are. Bokoblins can actually block your attacks! And a lot of things in the game boast the accurate slashes!

But, this game doesn't have... I don't know, the feel that TP, and its predecessors had. I kinda miss doing jump attack whenever I wanted. It's still great, it just, feels like I'm playing another game entirely until I get the tunic on. Even other M had a better feel. But that doesn't make it a bad addition to the series! I felt the same way when I started playing the GB games! I started out with PH, and all the easiness made the other games feel remote.

The controls are great, the battles are great, the schematics are great, the characters are great, the originality, maybe not yet. But basically, the point of this post is... Get skyward sword!

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