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Puss in boots

Shortly after his first appearance in 2004 in Shrek 2, the film creators were in hot pursuit of a movie focusing on the swashbuckling sword-playing cat, Puss in Boots. Ideas were in production since '04, and after the Shrek movies were done with in 2008, DreamWorks finally set to work on a film for Puss. And after seven years, the film was finally released. Having just watched this movie, I feel that I am in a special place to review this cat's theatrical appearance.
 "You may know my name, but you do not know... My LEGEND!!"
==Story|The plot of the film==
In the sands of Mexico, many a bounty hunter are pursuing a fearsome, sword-handling, thieving, small, tabby cat, known by some, cursed by others, as Puss in Boots, a cunning, quick-witted and talking cat, known for his many crimes and stealing from the country.

After narrowly escaping a bounty hunter, Puss makes his way to a nearby town, and in the craze of the ongoing festival of fire, Puss unnoticed slips into a bar. Though he is threatened by everyone in the bar, Puss quickly overpowers (or in this case, pants-es by just revealing a claw) every attempt made against him. As he drinks from a shot-glass of milk, he asks any of the drinkers where he could outdo a crime to 'clear his name.' Reluctant at first, one scoundrel informs him of two murderous outlaws, Jack & Jil, who have found three magic beans, and are using them to plant a stalk that will lead to a giant's riches, including golden eggs. Puss is skeptic, proclaiming that he has searched for them before, all to naught. But with no other challenges aside from stealing from and orphanage or a bank, Puss accepts to find Jack and Jil and bring them to justice.

Shortly after finding the two in an inn, Puss proceeds to claw his way in through the window, but he finds himself challenged by a hooded black-cat, who is apparently after the same goal. As competition ensues, Puss and his lone competitor are quickly compromised and chased out. But Puss gives chase to the lone cat, and after a chase that leads to a fight in a cat bar, Puss discovers that the black cat is a female. Immediately embarrassed, Puss attempts to seduce the black cat and get her to join him, but when he follows her to the back of a pub, he finds none other than Humpty Alexander Dumpty (snicker!). The two apparently have a bitter past, and after the anthropomorphic egg attempts to offer him a chance to get the golden eggs, Puss is reluctant to have anything to do with him. The black cat reveals herself, and is apparently working with the egg. She is kitty soft-paws, a thief who could swipe a man's belt off without him noticing. Even with the insistent female on his side, Humpty is unsuccessful in getting Puss to join.

Kitty pursues Puss, and after more convincing, Puss admits that he and the egg were once friends. They grew up in the same orphanage, and they both dreamed of finding the magic beans. however, after as their antics matured, they began to evolve into delinquents, and Puss, deciding to make the lady who owns the orphanage, or his 'Mama' proud, decides to turn over a new leaf. After saving the chief guard's mother from a bull run, Puss is rewarded with his boots and hat, and is hailed as a hero, leaving Humpty in the dust. Humpty remains a scheming egg, and eventually gets Puss caught up in a bank robbery. While Puss escaped, he left Humpty to the guards, unable to forgive him for his betrayal. His name ruined, and nobody to turn to, Puss began his life as a bandit, stealing from only the wealthy, never venturing near homeless or orphaned.

After awaking Kitty from his long story, she is still persistent, and Puss finally decides to Join their plan. Puss hopes that if he can bring Jack and Jil to justice, and find the golden eggs, he could repay the money that was stolen from the bank, and clear his name.

==Consumer's information|My opinion, the critic's opinion, and availability==
Puss in Boots 3D can obviously be found in theaters anywhere now, but 3D tickets are pricey, so the experience depends on your willing spending.

As for my opinion, the movie was great! Though it is still humorous, it is classified an adventure film, rather than an adventure/comedy, much like DreamWork's earlier films. The critics gave the film 81%, calling 'great, but not as witty or polished as the Shreks.' I found the film very action packed, and the whole story with its little gags and references. But it doesn't seem to live up to its predecessors, and therefore, I give it a 7.9/10.

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