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So, whenever we go to the church here, I've been sure to look at a little book that a Missionary from Japan brought; it's called,'メシア' aka, 'the Messiah', it's a Manga adaption of the story of Jesus! It stays amazingly true to the story, and all the characters are given very neat designs. It gave Judas Iscariot a 'shy-eye' (a large lock of hair blocking one eye). That practically screams 'creepy guy!' Anyway, it turns that out that the book was given to a lady who put it in the library, and she said I could keep it for the week! But I forgot to bring it back today... and when I told her, she said I could keep it! Wow! I don't think I've said 'Are you sure' more times in my life! So now I got another reference for my ever growing Manga art. Which by the way is coming along nicely. I'm getting better at dimensions with figures, though I don't think I can do backgrounds Anytime soon...

On another subject, John was kind enough to take advantage of the fact that I left my account logged in and put together an Ultraman playlist on Youtube! Long story short in case I haven't mentioned it earlier, Ultraman is my favorite super-hero. I found out about him when I was little when dad would bring home vcds of a giant red guy fighting monsters. It's pretty much no different from power rangers. So, John put together a playlist of songs, including a rare english version of Ultraman Tiga's opening. I also found this video when I looked at related videos;

Depsite the subs, Ultraman is from Japan... The best part about this video is that it's official! After I was done laughing I found something else, the latest movie subbed! Ultraman has been going through rough times, and youtube strictly doesn't allow posting episodes about him (half the reason is that the creators of ultraman have their own channel!), so this is a rare find! But Sarah just went to bed, so I don't think we'll be finishing it right now.
Oh well. Another great day! Sayonara for now!

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