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Roy, a friend from Church took us all out to see a movie called courageous, it's about four cops who are dealing with a drug dealing gang, and at the same time tragedies at Home. However, of the four, only three have real problems. Adam's little daughter dies, and begins to wonder if he's been a good enough father, Nathan's 15-yrld daughter is beginning to grow interest in 17 year old boy, David divorced without long before he joined the squad, and is afraid to confront her. But after a few cookouts and get-togethers, they all decide to try and be better fathers, and this helps many of them turn to God. I like the conversation between Nathan and David the most.
                                   Basically, it went like this.
                                   David: So, I hope I've done enough good to get up there.
                                   Nathan: God doesn't work like that. He is a good judge, Let's put it like this: Who do love most in the entire world?

                                   David: my Mom, probably.
                                   Nathan: Let's say, your mom is murdered, and the crook is brought before court, and he says to the Judge 'hey, I may have done that, but I've done all these other great things!' and the Judge lets him go. Would you call him a good or bad Judge?
                                  David: ...Bad.
                                  Nathan: But God is a good judge. He doesn't care about all the bad or good you've done, he cares about our faith in him, and how we trust him. He helps us because of that. 
There are more great quotes in this movie, and so many other things, that all I can say is go watch it yourself. It's a great film that speaks of faith, understanding, hope, and the need of a fatherly figure. I give it a 5/5, and makes me think "why aren't there other films like this?"

I'm plum tired. Sayonara for now.

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