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God Bless!


Church night

Yes, I know it's Wednesday, but we had a night over to celebrate Thank's Giving. We had a wonderful sermon, and a great song. I always feel like I'm close to tears when the pastor says to pray on your own to God.

I figured out how to synchronize our new wiimotes to the wii! I didn't know you had to do that at first... I also discovered that just because you put wii in the name of your post, somebody comments about going to a homebrew scam! From what I've read, Wii Homebrew isn't a good Idea AT ALL, I leave that kind of stuff to the computer!

Tomorrow, we're going over to aunt Beth's for Thanksgiving! We're bringing our Wii over too, so we can play Skyward sword that is over there this very minute!! Squee! Skyward on Thanksgiving! Amazing!

I'm gonna leave so I can get to work on some stuff!

Sayonara for now!

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