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Sandy and Owens

We're at some of mom and dad's old friends; Sandy and Owen. They're both old folks, but they're sweet, and they have some nice Grand-Children that live not to far away, just like a two minute drive.

We went to church, and it was something different, it was a lutheran Church, and the procedures were a little different, but it was basically the same. After the first service dad spoke again, so me, John, Steve, and Logan (Sandy's grandson) went down to the youth room to play with the stuff there. The room had a ping-pong table, Risk, an N64 (but no Zelda!!), and a soda vending machine! But when I got my drink, the only choice left was Diet-Mountain Dew. I'm sorry, stomach! was what I thought before I started drinking it.

After that, we went over to Logan's house, and played some games, watched some Tv, went over to a park and where I walked around for a bit (finally!), but John wanted to go home since he was feeling stuffed up. But both me and Steve are suffering stuffed up noses and sore throats, I prefer the runny nose of the two, but it feels like it's going away!

So now in about half-an-hour, we're gonna go back and join the youth group for some fun&games. Hopefully John will wanna go.

By the way, before I wrap this up, thanks to Chelsea for the positve comment on my Blaze post! But I don't know how I can let you borrow the manga book, unless I scan it! But to be honest, compared to where I am, I don't think you really need it! But if you really do want a look, I'll figure something out. It's still gonna be a few days before I grab it.

That's it! This might be the last time I have wi-fi in a while, so I tried to make this post count! Sayonara for now!

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