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God Bless!



I'm staying at my Nana's old house right now, in the quiet town of Loda. Not much goes on around here, and the internet reception's not that great, so I better post this within the spurt of speed!

My cold's better than ever, and I just got a Manga kit in the mail! YES!!! Unfortunately, the Mannekin isn't that poseable, but it can help a lot with shapes and stuff like that. And the drawing style isn't that traditional, but I can work it out with my already learned skills. It also has stuff for perception and dimension, my one problem, so I think I'll do just fine!

Stuff with the wii is going fine, except for the fact that John's farther than me in Twilight princess (grrrr), and he's  getting better than me at smash brothers. By the time he's won three times, he'll say 'Sorry, but you are no longer a threat to me', and put in a CPU player! I find those annoying, but I bear, sometimes.

That's all I have to say, so I'm going to go work on Neo-Soldier and Lozoot. Sayonara for now!

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