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From left to right, Sarah's, Steve's, mine, and John's
Tonight was halloween!! But me and John, and STEVE, decided not to go trick-or-treating. We didn't even have any costumes! We went over to Aunt Beth's to give out the candy and all that, and me and John found some stuff that could work as costumes! John put on a piggish ghoul mask and called himself a Moblin. I found a hockey mask, a belt, some sport straps, and a metal bar. So I just put those on, and then used some of Aunt Beth's make-up to put a scar and bleeding on my face. My Dad said "...Well it IS halloween." as I've said before, he doesn't like demonic/evil stuff. Sarah went as a Princess and brought home some candy, and after the treating was over, we ate some candy then went home.

And the best part is, the whole thing was an excuse to keep my brace off!!!

Sayonara for now!!

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  1. Hehe, I love your pumpkin!! ;) It seems the most halloween-ish out of all of them. ;) Proves you're a good artist!!
    Great that you ended up dressing up, I love the idea of going as a moblin. ;) I'll have to remember that for when I dress up/cosplay!!
    Turns out there's plenty of trick-or-treaating that goes on in Australia, but I've never gone! I hope I'll be able to go one day, it's like an extra cosplay event!! ;)


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