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Catching up

I have a lot of catching up to do. My/Our stories are way behind schedule, (and I'm still trying to fix that!), I'm no where close to beating my pokemon diamond game, and I'm right behind John in Twilight princess. I'm at the arbiter grounds right now, and Johns in the Ice mansion. And earlier today, I already got to the arbiter grounds, but John accidentally hit the power button when he walked by. First I was like '...aw... no.' So when I got on the wii again, I got back there, skipping all the cut scenes. I asked Dad to watch me go through Faron woods, and when he saw the skullkid, he's like 'Yeah... I don't like that guy,' and when he saw the puppet things he's like 'what are those?' Evidently, Dad doesn't like demonic/evil looking enemies.

That reminds me, when I was in Lakebed Temple, I was always asking what to do next, and that reminded me of what Chelsea in one of her earlier posts, how she had to help her sister with Twilight Princess.

My Grandma also called yesterday about the descent game I helped her download, and she was saying that one of the controls wasn't working, and it was also only misbehaving in the game. So over the phone, I told to like 'go to options, are there any control settings?' and other stuff like that, and eventually I said 'I guess you'll just have to re-download the game,' and then I lead her through the de-installation process, and when we were done, I said 'I feel like an over-the-phone operator!' And she began to laugh, and she told me how she used to be an phone operator when she was younger. We had a good chat after that, and I suggested that I could download the descent game for our computer, since I had access to the account she used, I could download it right away. So she decided to wait until I was done. But the internet kept bugging out, so I couldn't.

Sorry but I'm out of time. Sayonara for now!

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